An eternal collection

When we look at the sky, the trees, and the birds, we feel infinite. We believe that fashion can be eternal, too. Full of possibilities. That’s how we prepare our collection – with a few designs and textures in many shades of colours.

In hues of blue, white, and pink, the patterns reveal stories beneath the crevices of each dress, blouse or skirt. They are an invitation to discover the ancient Indian art of weaving and design. They are not made to last for a season, but for a lifetime, and even centuries.

Fashion can be bold. It takes courage to introduce trends that are innovative and lasting. Fanny Brawne, an English fashion designer, created and sewed her own clothes at a time when women were burdened with corsets.

Brawne’s radical approach brought open, comfortable designs to women in the 19th century, breaking from the aristocratic imposition. Using cotton and muslin over satin for comfort reasons. That’s nothing short of a revolution – women’s creative expression symbolising liberty.

That’s what we try to do at Dve. Fashion has often coerced us into wearing tight, form-revealing clothes that are hard to breathe into. We offer something different. Comfort. Breath of fresh air. Joy.

Our collection sustains ancient artistic methods – pin-tucking, kalamkari, chikankari, handloom weaving, hand-printing, natural dyeing, embroidery – with care. Detailed attention is given to choice of fabric, texture, drape, colour, weight, and pattern. Cotton khadi and linen are our favourites. Shades of indigo/blue and whites/blacks are our colours of choice.

With that, we keep moving forward. We help traditional art evolve into contemporary design. Take pintucking, for instance. It’s meticulous, diverse, and expressive. Each ridge has its own essence. We make sure that the ridges are infused in the design so as to give women a voice.

That process of transforming design from a 12-inch piece of paper to a breathing piece of cloth on a 46-inch handloom is team-work. Indian artisans who have learned the craft from their ancestors trust us to retain its authenticity while making it modern.

That’s what we bring to our customers: evolution and timelessness.

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