How colors determine mood

Take a walk with us through your wardrobe full of clothes. Let’s pick an occasion and decide what to wear.

It’s a Friday. Meeting with a client in the afternoon. What would you wear? How would you decide your colour combination? You want to convey integrity and a peaceful attitude. Professionalism combined with a sense of humanness.

A Niva blouse combined with a white Isha skirt would go perfectly together. Plus, the skirt’s got pockets. For pants-lovers, navy-colored Rooma pants would go perfectly with the Vaaruni jacket in natural blue. Intelligent and easy-going.

Fast forward to the weekend. Date at a restaurant with someone you don’t know, followed by a gathering of friends you’ve known for a long time. At an outdoor pub. How would you convey your sense of style now?

For the date, you want to feel relaxed, yet sophisticated and neutral. It’s the first time. Our Mira dress in charcoal would do the trick. Then, you could get to the party in the same dress, or in case you’ve got some time to change, get there in your pink Bani dress. Everyone, including you, could use a sense of lightness and comfort.

There. You just made your choices based on self-perception and how you would like others to feel.

The way we perceive colours also depends on where we come from, our culture-based associations, what we are fed around us, our experiences. And they evolve, too. Did you know that pink was associated with boys back in 1920s America? Yet, after a long haul of “pink is for girls,” boys can once again wear pink without feeling judged. That’s progress.

Long story short, clothes express our unique voice. And colours not only indicate our mood, but our spirit as an individual. That’s where meaning comes from. That’s what Dve stands for.

If ever you are in the mood to experiment, don’t hesitate to consult the theories of colour to fuel your curiosity. Analogous colours, for example, are any three colours that sit next to each other on the colour wheel. They tend to be harmonious.

When you step out in clothes with shades of yellow-green, yellow, and yellow-orange, what others see are vitality and spring. And it doesn’t hurt their eyes.

But you may also choose harmony in contrast, such as yellow and purple, or green and red. Like a painting by Frida Kahlo.

So go ahead. Create your seasons, feel the colours. Make a statement. 

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