Making conscience fashionable

Every entrepreneurial journey starts with a trigger – an idea, a thought, a moment, a sight, a dream, a crossroad, a conversation. For us, Dve began with the wonder in our children’s eyes. Like a deep insight of possibilities and hope for a better world.

How do we see our children’s future? What kind of respect did we want them to have for the environment? We wish to contribute to change in our own way and with their birth, it felt like the right time for a new beginning with Dve.

Fabric and fashion are our expertise and the planet is important to us. So, Dve was born out of love for the creation and sustainability of clothes. A desire to make slow fashion a possibility.

We asked our friends and closed ones questions to make sense of our purpose:

What is more important – style or comfort? Why do you go shopping? How often do you shop? Where do you shop and why? How often do you wear the same garment? If often, why? If not, why not? Do you often wear clothes that represent your character? What do you do when your clothes tear, or get old?

Three words were a common thread – beauty, comfort, and sustainability.

Then we got to work. Beauty is in the detail. Our design embodies that. Comfort is about loving oneself. Our clothes are created to make women feel confident about themselves. Sustainability is ecological mindfulness. Our production process avoids wastage of fabric leading to conscious consumption, durability and responsibility towards the environment.

It’s a long road of systemic change and we are happy to be on it.

Dve promises to build a future where children grow up to appreciate beauty, love themselves, and protect the environment. We appreciate collaborators and supporters like you in helping us keep our promise.

So once again, we want to thank you for making conscience fashionable.

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